New Zealand Cosmetic Compliance Update

Feb 6, 2024

The Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2020 has been amended in January 2024 following a decision on updates released 30 January 2024.

Main changes include:

PFAS are banned; Group standard requirement now extends to non-hazardous cosmetics containing hazardous chemicals; record keeping required for notification of nanomaterial to authority; colourants/preservatives/filters as nanomaterials are excluded from notification requirements and 24-hour emergency contact requirements on label are exempted if label is compliant with AU/US/CA/UK or EU current labelling requirements.

Additionally, Schedules 4-8 of Group standard are updated to align with EU cosmetic regulations EC No. 1223/2009.

Here is a list of approved amendments-

Transition time:

Compliance with Pre-Amendment scope and conditions of previous group standard is allowed for Import & manufacture of cosmetic products until 31 Dec 2025 and for supply of cosmetics until 31 Dec 2026. Any products not complying with updated group standard must be disposed of by 30 June 2027. Products containing PFAS are granted additional transitional time for compliance.

A summary of the changes to the Group Standard & timing of changes can be found here:

Updated rules for cosmetics | EPA

Re- impact of updates on reviewed Alumier Products –

We have previously reviewed Alumier products against Schedules 4-8 of group standard however the schedules under group standard have now been updated to align with EU cosmetic regulations EC 1223/2009 and include some new entries. Noting that Alumier has EU PIF’s for their products that are prepared in accordance with Regulation EC 1223/2009 (includes ingredients checked for compliance with EC1223/2009), the impact of the updated schedules would likely be minimal or none condition the Products do not contain any PFAS ingredients (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

Note, There is an additional obligation now to assign group standard and keep its record for non-hazardous products too.

From labelling perspective- The requirement related to inclusion of 24-hour emergency contact on label is now exempted for hazardous products if the label is compliant with current labelling requirements of AU/US/CA/UK or EU.