DTS is a regulatory consulting group of specialised scientists. The strength of DTS lies in our collaborative approach to problem solving, internally and externally.

Internally every project is a team project. The challenges of the regulatory environment is no one person can know everything. We apply a team approach. We rely on each other to create pathways through complex regulatory requirements.

Externally we work closely with our clients, our third party industry experts and government regulators. This collaborative approach is the key to our success.

DTS Has Three Core Values That Underpin Our Client Service

We say what we mean and we do what we say. The communications we have with our clients, our third party suppliers and the regulators are based on truth and a shared goal of registration.

We strive to make all our work “Right First Time” but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Our measure is how we deal with challenging issues. Our maturity allows us to understand the reality of the situation and provide pathways that will lead to a successful outcome.

We understand that your product registration is the culmination of years of work and this is a critical stage in its life cycle. We understand that it is our responsibility to get you over the last hurdle. We do not take that trust lightly.

Project leadership and peer reviews are shared amongst all consultants. The outcome of this collaborative approach is the depth of knowledge that we can offer our clients. This is one of our approaches to ensure continuous improvement of our team.

Over the past 32 years DTS has submitted over 1600 applications to the various regulatory bodies in Australia and New Zealand. Each one of those applications have provided new information that has been added to our knowledge bank.

If negotiating the regulatory environment is important to your organisation’s future then let us join your team and be part of a successful collaborative approach.