If you are looking to sell your cosmetic product into Australia, you will need to ensure its ingredients complies with Australian cosmetic regulations. Cosmetics in Australia are regulated by the Australia Industrial Chemical Introduction Scheme (AICIS). You must be registered with AICIS if you import and/or manufacture relevant industrial chemicals or products that contain industrial chemicals for commercial purposes. You register your business, not your products, chemicals or product ingredients.

Many products with ingredients (chemicals) derived from natural sources such as plants and minerals that are marketed or labelled as ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘pure’ do NOT meet the legal definition of a naturally-occurring chemical. This is usually because of the process used to extract the chemical from its source.

If a chemical in your product does not meet the naturally-occurring chemical definition, it is a relevant industrial chemical. You need to register with AICIS if you want to manufacture and/or import the industrial chemical or a product containing the industrial chemical, for commercial purposes. You also must check that each ingredient in your product is on the Inventory.