How much does it cost to get my product registered?

The only question that matters!
It is important to understand no matter what your product is, it is very difficult for DTS to provide you with a fixed cost upfront. We can provide estimates once we have a good understanding of your product, its ingredients, its usage, your claims, similar products in the market and the regulation that is applicable.
To gain that understanding we normally perform a Preliminary Evaluation (PE), and this will cost somewhere between $1,500 and $5,000. This allows us to understand your product, evaluate the different registration pathways, highlight potential roadblocks and ultimately provide you with a time and cost estimate.
The PE also builds the foundation for the registration process.

Can I get customer references for DTS or a list of DTS clients?

We sign confidentiality agreements with all our clients that prohibit us from discussing or presenting any information related to the work we do with them.