Small Steps

Whether you have a large product registration project, or just require some advice on possible product development – we first undertake a small, fixed price engagement to understand your needs. We Understand. Then we analyse your requirements and propose the next step to progress your project that will bring you closer to your goals. We Plan. Then you have a business decision whether to progress the project on the proposed regulatory pathway. If yes, then we make it happen. We Implement.

It’s not complicated, but it puts you in control.

What else? Time and cost estimates are provided for each of the project steps. The scope may vary depending on what we discover, however any variances will be discussed with the client. As we successfully complete the steps, your confidence in our ability to deliver will grow. This is how all our long term clients began, and there are a lot scattered around the world.

Is that it? Yes. Basically this process reduces risk for both parties. We are not keen for fixed-price, fixed-requirement, time-limited work. In order to mitigate the risk of that, a huge amount of negotiation work is required – and the price will go up. In other words, we all spend a lot of time talking about how we are going to achieve registration, and who is to blame if it goes wrong, but not actually doing anything. Everyone loses. We find that building trust and being flexible is a better methodology.