On July 1, 2020 NICNAS has now become AICIS (Australia Industrial Chemical Introduction Scheme). For more information please click here.

An industrial chemical includes chemicals used in solvents, polymers, paints, cleaning products, adhesives, cosmetics and soaps.

Industrial chemicals require assessment under the AICIS with the purpose of protecting the health of the public, workers and the environment from the possible harmful effect of industrial chemicals. This is not a product registration process as such however the notification and assessment process requires the lodgement of specific information about the chemical.

AICIS is a government body responsible for assessing industrial chemicals and their effect on health and environment before release to the market in Australia.

Business registration with AICIS is seperate to the Notification / Listing of chemicals. All importers and/or manufacturers of industrial chemicals for commercial purposes must register (business registration) with AICIS regardless of the quantity of industrial chemicals imported and/or manufactured in a registration year (1 September to 31 August).

DTS are able to assist with your regulatory requirements under AICIS by:

> Undertaking a review of your existing data and identifying what additional data may be required to lodge an application for AICIS Notification / Listing.
> Assisting with applications for chemical notification / listing and business registration.
> Reviewing ingredients used to produce cosmetic products to ensure their compliance with government requirements.
> Reviewing product packaging to check details such as product source and compliance of ingredient on the label with Australian regulations.
> Providing professional advice on product label claims to determine whether they fall under AICIS regulatory requirements.
> Giving advice on the safety or health issues associated with cosmetic or industrial chemical ingredients and products.