Although there are similarities and some sharing / referencing of information and assessments, New Zealand has an independent regulatory system from Australia. The registration process is performed by two agencies with the following broad responsibilities:

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)
> Regulates new chemicals entering NZ.
> Approves hazardous chemicals and formulated products.
> Assesses environmental, toxicity and OHS hazards.

Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM)
> Authorises/approves agricultural chemicals, veterinary medicines, vertebrate toxic agents.
> Approves label content
> Assesses chemistry, efficacy, residues, crop safety, target animal safety.

Active constituent assessment is required with each application (but no listing like Australia).

Under the ACVM Act all agricultural compounds must be registered before import, manufacture, sale or use. There are exemptions. The ACVM have an information sheet which outlines the information that needs to be provided to support registration applications.

Before a registration can be secured, approval under the HSNO Act administered by the EPA is required. It is possible to check if an approval is already in place by undertaking a “Status of Substance” via the EPA.

The DTS team can co ordinate your product development activities and submissions to meet NZ regulatory requirements.