Stellina Popplewell (Assoc.Dip.App.Sc.(ChemTech)) – Principle Consultant

Possesses a broad chemical knowledge.Commercial involvement with chemical manufacturing industry. In depth regulatory experience gained over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand. Veterinary medicine and animal health expertise.
Hands on experience with TGA registrations for registrable and listable products.Knowledgeable with NICNAS listing of chemicals and notifications.Involvement with AQIS registrations for products in export meat establishments. GHS/hazard classification speciality, label and safety data sheet compliance. Strong client focus.
Stellina is an Associate Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Gavin Hall (B.Sc. Hons) – Chief Operating Officer

Broad regulatory experience gained over 24 years in government and industry. Focus on creating regulatory solutions for the most difficult and interesting products. Has held senior APVMA roles (Pesticides Program, Data Protection, Fees Review, Senior Evaluator). Strong networks across industry. Has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours from Australian National University in Canberra. Gavin has been with DTS since 2007.

Chang Li (B.Biotech and M.Sc.) – Consultant

Specialist in pesticide science, with extensive experience in researching various pesticide mechanisms at a molecular level. Experience with regulatory processes in China, Australia and New Zealand. Strong commitment to quality work. Knowledgeable with broad range of submission types. Worked as a consultant assisting companies in China and Australia. With her Chinese background and language skills Chang is well placed to assist clients, notably Asian suppliers, in securing regulatory approvals and compliance in Australia.

Dr. Sharon Gossage (B.Sc. Hons, M.Sc., PhD) – Consultant

An experienced regulatory scientist with almost 10 years’ experience. Spent several years as a Higher Scientific Officer with the UK Chemical Regulations Directorate (CRD) with a role in evaluation of plant protection products and biocides, and has considerable UK and European regulatory knowledge. Also has extensive experience in agricultural chemical regulation in both Australia (APVMA) and New Zealand (EPA/ACVM). Experienced in organising and managing field trials to support product registration. Has a strong focus on submission quality that meets regulatory requirements. Sharon is also an experienced research scientist with a strong microbiology, molecular biology and parasitology/entomology background, and held several post-doctoral research positions in infectious disease before moving into regulatory science.

Eunice Wong (B.App.Sc. and M.Agr.St.) – Consultant

Eunice’s background in horticulture led to involvement with nematodes and screening for resistance in sugarcane glasshouse and field trials. This level of plant protection knowledge greatly assists in understanding pesticide products. Knowledgeable and practical experience with NICNAS listing of chemicals, GHS/hazard classification, label, and safety data sheet compliance, TGA literature searches for complementary medicines. Great attention to detail, follow through with strong focus on submission quality that meets regulatory requirements and post registration compliance responsibilities. Eunice also is well versed in Chinese languages.


Zsuzsanna Sipos (BHSc, Dip Nutr, Dip Herb Med) – Senior Consultant

TGA Consultant with 15 years’ experience in clinical, research, product development and regulatory affairs. Specialises in herbal/natural medicines, medical devices and complimentary medicines. Registered Naturopath who is well skilled in ARTG requirements, NPD and health technical writing.

Tim Dwyer – Consultant

Tim has been working in the commercial petrochemical industry for 10 years as an Industrial Chemist. He has extensive background in analytical testing methods and instrumentation, quality control systems, quality control management, and formulation development and management. He has practical experience in ISO standards and auditing from both a manufacturing and quality laboratory point of view. Tim is experienced in importation of industrial products into Australia and the quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Jenni Priddle (M. Sc., PhD) – Consultant

Jenni has a strong research background in molecular biology, genetics and plant biology. She has practical experience working with fertiliser compliance, import regulations and agricultural chemical regulations in Australia and New Zealand. Jenni also has extensive knowledge in organic certification of agricultural inputs with certification bodies such as ACO in Australia and OMRI in the USA. She has previously worked with biological pesticide product development. Jenni has a Master of Medical Science (Biomedicine) from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


Tamara Thornton – Finance Manager

Strong financial and project management background. Focus on streamlining administration procedures and improving our client experience.

David Dwyer (B.Bus, M.Econ) – Business Manager

Focus on customer service and project management. Skilful in process improvement through the use of technology. Experienced in a wide variety of industries and businesses across Queensland.