Product development is the term used to describe the complete process of bringing a new product to market. With products, the time for development can be long and expensive and usually involves many sequential steps. Failure to correctly identify the critical points in this process can lead to lengthy delays and additional costs.


It is critical that the requirements for registration or approval be determined early in the product development process and that the data necessary for the submission be clearly defined. Use of a product development consultant can often be beneficial in defining the critical steps involved.

DTS has extensive experience with long and short term product development projects. We offer specific product development assistance in the areas of:

• Identifying the data requirements necessary to secure a registration before the research phase of the project is commenced
• Developing trial protocols for the generation of data
• Review of existing data and identification of any gaps before a submission is lodged
• Laboratory and field evaluations to generate data

Our product development service can be tailored to individual client needs.