At DTS we prepare the various submissions necessary for regulatory approval prior to selling your product into the market place. Our understanding of the regulatory requirements and regulatory guidelines is available during the preparation of submissions to regulatory authorities. We provide advice on what data is required, review the suitability of existing data, and we collate all the necessary information in the format required.

We also track progress of your submission via our submission management system during the review process with the regulatory authorities. We use an internal electronic tracking system and provide regular updates on progress to our clients.

We have experience with all types of submissions including active constituent, new and image products, formulation changes and label updates

Across our team of consultants we have a broad range of hands on experience covering many product types;
• Pesticides, Rodenticides and Termiticides
• Veterinary Chemicals, Anthelmintics and Companion Animal products
• Human Health products
• TGA registrable and listable products
• Industrial Chemicals
• Urban and Pest Management Products
• Products based on a biological constituent
• Timber treatment products
• Boat antifouling
• Novel products such as Plant Extracts

Before these products can be legally sold in Australia they require review and or registration approval / listing under the appropriate regulatory authority. Put simply our goal at DTS is to help you. We have knowledge of the regulatory requirements and guidelines, the experience, a submission management tracking process and the contacts to deliver for our clients.